Words relating to chance

Probability Language

The choice of words we use when we’re trying to convey to another person the likelihood of something happening.

Level up screen on a computer game


Breaking down a long-term process into manageable tasks and challenges helps customers to stay engaged.

Arrivals board at an airport

When customers know too much

Customers will invariably get hold of information that increases their convenience but makes your work harder.

Retro portable compact cassette player


Which toys were your childhood favourites? What was the first movie you saw in a cinema? What was the first record you ever bought?

Words new life written on paper in an old typerwiter

The First Step

In a journey of a thousand miles, the first step is easy. You have clean socks and you just ate breakfast!

Old photograph of a train at a railway station

Railway Time

Have you ever wondered why all the time zones in the world are compared to GMT, Greenwich Mean Time?

Two reindeer standing in snow

Can you name Santa's reindeer?

What’s remarkable about the story of Santa is the consistency with which we tell it.

Santorini in Greece on a sunny day

How do you choose a holiday?

How do you make sure the holiday you choose will give you the kind of experience you are hoping for?

Man on railway platform looking at smartphone


Now that we have smartphones and mobile data we have found a way of entertaining ourselves for even the shortest amount of time.

Small pug dog looking out of the window

Describing emotions

There are some more wonderful examples of words we don’t have in English, that describe emotions and experiences we are all familiar with.

Tray of champagne cocktails

The cocktail party effect

There are some sounds we are conditioned to react to, sounds that instantly demand priority for our conscious attention.

Yellow battery

X is less Bad than Y

If you only do something to avoid something worse, you will never intrinsically enjoy it for its own sake.

A train on a platform

Certainty behaviour

Have you ever sprinted to the gate at an airport, run to board a train or any other of these certainty-seeking things?

Sun loungers on a sandy beach

Investment or experience

We have an instinctive preference for things we can have right now over the things we can have in the future.

Retro VW camper van

People like us

We have an extra-liking for others with whom we share an obvious common thing.

Bamboozle quiz page

Bamboozle situations

No one likes being bumped back to the start again. Especially after you’ve put in time and effort to get to where you are.

People waiting in a line

Visible demand

As complex, social beings, we take a lot of our cues from the actions of others.

Statue of Neptume or Poseidon

Naming boats

Imagine if everything we did in life was like naming a boat, with no opportunity to change our minds afterwards.

Large signpost at London's Hyde Park Corner

The next step

At each step of your customer journey do you explicitly tell customers what the next step is?

Two women sitting having a coffee and laughing

How was your weekend?

Are you using cup of tea language? And would real people have a conversation like that?

Lotto players slip

Tips for playing Lotto

Do you talk about percentages, odds and chance to try to persuade people to want your products?

Satellite in space

Falling satellites

What happens when a satellite the size of a washing machine crashes back down to Earth?

Small friendly robot holding a red flower

The decision machine

If a machine could tell you every action to take to have the longest, healthiest, wealthiest life, would you listen?

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