Carla Hawkins

Carla Hawkins

Branding and Copywriting

Carla is a creative copywriter who uses human insights and language to build brands and sell products and ideas.

She has helped launch the first low budget airline in Australia for Richard Branson, reinvented the wheel for the Holden Barina, and took 7UP from delisted to delicious, which delighted PepsiCo. She has also helped change deep-rooted behaviours with the first domestic violence campaign to target men in the UK.

While working with lululemon she co-wrote a book “108 days of mindfulosophy” which was one of the company’s key tools to create positive behaviour change through the lens of their unique mindful philosophy.

Her 25-year career spans three continents: Australia, the UK, and North America - and her mixed-up accent is a testament to being deeply immersed in all.