The App Tour

Short Term


Most days when I wake up, the first thing I do is reach over to the side table where I know my phone is charging, disconnect it from its cable and look at the screen through half-open eyes.

I do a little tour of my apps. It goes something like this…

Read any SMS messages > Open WhatsApp > Open Twitter, look at notifications > Look at Twitter news feed, add a couple of “likes”. Scroll a little > Open Instagram. Scroll through 10-20 images > Open email, read a couple of those > Open Facebook, get bored quickly. Close Facebook > Open BBC News, look at headlines, click one news item, close news…

Then I start it all over again. It’s like a circuit. Somehow I must feel the need to go round again just in case the world changed in the last 5 minutes! (Sometimes it has).

It’s not just me doing the “app tour”. I know many other people who do it too. It’s a routine that has become a daily habit - a ritual.

It’s unlikely that as a business or service you will have the means (or even the desire) to create something as complex and addictive as a new social media platform to elbow its way into people’s “app tour” routines but maybe you have the power to help customers create or strengthen a routine or ritual that falls into their day or week in some other way.

What rituals or behaviours help you navigate your days or your weeks? Which brands feature in them?

Do you have a coffee ritual in the morning? Always the same cup, same coffee, same process?

Do you travel the same routes each day? Buy food in the same places each week?

What rituals or behaviours can you help your customers develop that will benefit them and how might you position your service or products to play a key part in them?