The Next Step



Have you had that experience of driving to a destination in an unfamiliar town or city where you are happily following road signs, and are almost there, then… you find yourself at a junction with no sign. Do you go left or right? There’s another car impatiently hovering behind you so you have to make a snap choice. Don’t you hate it when signs dry up!

You’ve probably had a similar experience too when engaging with a brand or service. You think you are waiting for the washing machine repair company to call you back, or was it that you needed to call them? Did the GP say they’d call you with your blood test results, or are you meant to follow up? When did they say they’d have them?

You’ve signed up to attend an event, but did you get the ticket yet? Was it coming by post? By email? Did you see the small-print that said you must bring it with you? Did you come to the wrong counter or department? Are you sitting in the wrong reception area? The wrong departure gate?

At each step of your customer journey do you explicitly tell customers what the next step is, who will take it, when it will be done by and what to expect? Do you explain exactly where to go, which entrance to use, how to pay, who to ask for, what day or time to show up?

Do you make assumptions about what customers already know?

Make it easier for them by being super clear at every stage what happens next.