The Buzz Moment



There are going to be some sore legs tomorrow. And some sore feet. And some sore heads. And sore backs. For more than 40,000 people running the Virgin Money London Marathon tomorrow, pretty much every part of their body will be screaming at them by the time they cross the finish line on The Mall.

But there are also going to be some seriously big smiles. And as the recognition of their incredible achievement dawns on each runner, for a moment at least, the pain of the previous 26.2 miles will vanish into a mist of celebration and pride.

I already written about time distortion, and how quickly we forget past discomforts and inconveniences. The runners won’t just endure physical exertion but also the many psychological games they will have to play to motivate themselves through the distance. But once it’s all over they will experience a euphoria so great that all the suffering that got them there will become a thing of the past.

Do you know when is the best time to sign people up for their next marathon, or 10km race or Park Run, or triathlon, or workout, or college course, or other difficult and demanding challenge? It’s immediately after they have finished the last one, when they are experiencing that buzz moment and they feel utterly invincible. Nothing gives people more confidence to want to achieve something difficult than the experience of success.

Does the service you offer give your customers the opportunity to experience a buzz moment? Can you recognise their efforts and achievements? Can you help them celebrate their great moments? Can you be right there in that buzz moment to let them sign up to their next big challenge?