Your Today Product

Short Term


If someone bought your product or used your service today, what benefit would they actually get today?

What might change for customers in an hour? In a day? A week? A month? 3 months? A year? 20 years? In past blogs I’ve discussed the principle that we have a greater desire for things we can have sooner over things we can have in the future. We are hardwired to operate more in the short-term.

[PDF] Download this timeline worksheet and use it to plot out the timeline of how your customers will benefit from your product or service, starting from the immediate moment, through to years from now. (Click here or on the icon to download - size 433kB)

This PDF has also been added to the tools page.

Which of the benefits you have listed do you normally promote and talk to customers about the most? Are there any at the shorter, pointier end of the timeline you can highlight more? What do your customers get out of your service or product today?

If you can’t think of much, take another look… The list below may give you some ideas:

• Having experienced something new
• Removal of pain
• Reassurance
• Connecting with others
• A few smiles
• A look of gratitude
• Tears of laughter
• A confidence boost
• An energy boost
• Inspiration
• Knowing the result of something
• A listening ear (real indulgence)
• A first step and a plan
• Being introduced to an idea you had never considered before
• Personal pride and satisfaction at getting started
• A better nights’ sleep
• The feeling of having contributed
• Having been entertained for a moment
• Learning a new skill
• A feeling of having invested in yourself
• Joining the intangible ‘club’ of people who buy from your brand

If you look at the examples above and the list of super short-term benefits you have identified for your own product or service, you’ll notice that many of them are emotional in their nature. This is because many physical changes don’t happen that fast. A huge emotional benefit is the feeling of getting started.

What is your today product?