How Do You Feel at 7am?



A friend of mine attended a bootcamp-type fitness training programme near my home in North Wales. Three times a week she would wake up at 5.30am and be at the beach in Llanduduno for 6.15am. What followed was an incredibly tough 45-minute military-style workout.

“There are moments in the sessions that time seems to slow down and I just pray for 7am to arrive.” She said. “But you want to feel as incredible as I do at 7am!”

She was addicted to the buzz feeling she got after each session ended, and the promise of that was enough to motivate her to keep on getting up early and putting herself through it.

Afterwards she would go home, shower and eat a light breakfast, and she’d be in the office by 8am. By 9am she reckoned she'd already done half a day’s work. She felt transformed and you could see the change in her. She literally glowed with energy.

Had she been carrying a bunch of bootcamp enrollment forms in her bag, every person she told this story to would have signed up on the spot. There was just something so compelling about the energy with which she talked about it.

My friend participated in bootcamp because of the incredible high she got afterwards, so it’s a great example of working towards a thing you want rather than away from something you don’t. It’s also a lesson in emotional selling - on hearing her describe her experience using emotionally strong and resonant words, we all wanted to take part too.

And bootcamp is hard. Really hard. If it was easy then the experience, the story and the emotional highs wouldn’t have been the same.

How do you want to feel at 7am every day?