What our delegates have to say about Desire Code

The following are all quotes given to us by delegates attending our Desire Code training:

"The Desire Code is essential for anyone requiring an efficient and effective tool to market their services and products."

"Relevant to all working environments.

"Great workshop! It really made me think about how and why we promote our service."

"Would suit everyone dealing with public."

"New way of looking at things. Interesting to break motivational processes down."

"Made you think about things in a different way."

"It provided a completely different (and fresh) perspective."

"Thought provoking - helped me to understand how to engage with people to get more out of them."

"Makes you analyse your current methods."

"I tried to get out of this session but actually enjoyed it!"

"Hope the Chief Executives access this training."

"Engaging thought provoking enjoyable session."

"Helpful, insightful tools for service development / review / reflection"

"Simple and very effective workshop"

"Probably one of the best training I have ever attended. Completely inspiring and very well needed in relation to our services."

"The whole concept has infused a new found drive in how to deliver my service."

"I found all the aspects very interesting and look forward to moving forwards with it."

"It was refreshing to have training delivered from a different angle."

"Loved it bringing out creativity with everyone Thank you."

"Clear concise presentation and materials."

"Time to think about service in a different way and share ideas."

"It was particularly useful to have a good opportunity to apply some theory to specific areas of practice."

"Facilitated a mind-shift for our practice and planning. Techniques more suitable and appropriate."

"I found the training really made me think about the language, presentation and ‘slant’ I use in the working environment."

"This course gives you a true understanding of what draws people to marketing materials."



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