Desire Code Book

Format: Paperback, 206 pages
Price: £24.99
Available to buy: End April 2021

I am delighted to announce that Desire Code is about to become a book and will be available to buy from bookstores and online from late April 2021 (exact date to be confirmed).

Desire Code is a complete framework for how to create brilliant customer experiences. It's a bold, noisy, high-energy book full of examples and ideas for how to make products and services appealing to customers.

I am blown away that the best-selling author and business giant (and all round awesome person), Tom Peters, has written this about the book, to be printed on the cover.

““Create a great experience.” Sure. Do it. “Get close to your customer.” Sure. Do it. “Turn customers into ‘fans.’” Absolutely! What’s missing: How to do these critical things. Well, now we have the best answer anyone has provided so far.”

Pre-order your copy

The sneak preview video below will give you a flavour of what the book looks and feels like. (This video shows one of the proof copies as it enters the final round of edits.)