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Is it ok to lie to customers if it helps them?

“Have you ever been a smoker? It’s the first question you get asked!” The other delegates nodded. “So now I just tell them, yes”. This little revelation occurred during a Desire Code workshop I was running with a Stop Smoking service in Lancashire a couple of years ago. ... (read more>>)

Sharing Stories

We are natural story tellers. People have been sharing great stories since before we knew how to write them down. Great stories help us learn from each other, and the more vivid they are, the better they can be used to share experiences.... (read more>>)

5 Billion Calories Sitting On a Wall

Did you know that more than two thirds of us are not doing enough activity to benefit out health? You didn't? Really? You would have to have lived in a cave for the last couple of decades not to know that being fit improves your health, and sitting on your bum all day doesn't. People aren't making unhealthy choices because they don't know what the consequences would be... (read more>>)

Hiring Type One Types

If you've ever been to Paris you'll know that you only need to get within sight of the Eiffel Tower and you find yourself approached by street sellers, weighed down with armfuls of Eiffel Tower keyrings, magnets and other souvenirs. On a recent trip to Paris, it was only after we had been approached by the third or fourth seller that I realised something interesting... (read more>>)

Can you smash your brand?

When you first saw the image above, did you immediately think "Coca-Cola"? Almost everybody does, even though you can only see part of the logo. Coca-Cola is the company that coined the phrase the "smashable brand". Back in the 1940s... (read more>>)

Moving on a goldmine

Imagine, really, sitting on a gold mine. Imagine knowing a secret formula for a product, something you could bottle and sell, which made your skin glow, made you look and feel years younger, helped you to lose weight, busted cellulite and helped to shape your body and made you feel... (read more>>)

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