About Us

Desire Code has been developed and designed by Denise Hampson, based on over 10 years of studying health behaviour and delivering behaviour change training to more than 2000 health and care professionals from a wide range of organisations across the UK.

Denise started her career as a Systems Engineer at BAE Systems, specialising in human-system interaction and cockpit development on military aircraft including the Eurofighter Typhoon. This started a career-long obsession with human-centered design and creating systems and services which are best matched to real human behaviour.

At the same time, a passion she had for cycling turned into an opportunity to become a professional athlete and she spent six years on the Great Britain Track Cycling Team, representing her country at European, Commonwealth and World level, including a time as British Champion and British Record Holder (now held by Victoria Pendleton).

On retiring from elite sport she worked firstly in local government and then the NHS to develop new services to improve the wellbeing of local communities.

She established Hampson Solutions in 2006 and has since been helping NHS organisations and their partners redesign services to become more user friendly and more likely to create real world behaviour change.

She is a regular conference speaker on behavioural economics, a published author on weight management and wellbeing at work, and her healthy lifestyle resources have motivated thousands of people across the UK to become healthier and more physically active.

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