Desire Code is a framework that has been developed from the latest research and understanding into human psychology, decision-making and behaviour change, to create a set of principles that when applied to a service or product, make it more desirable for the customer. It is a blend of behavioural insight and customer service excellence developed to provide you with a practical system for creating and delivering consistently brilliant services that attract and delight customers.

We provide a consultancy service for applying the Desire Code to your services to help you solve the behaviour change and service design puzzles that you face.

This process involves us coming to your organisation, learning about your systems, identifying your customer journeys and applying our series of Desire Code checklists to uncover ideas to make your services both more desirable for customers, and easier for them to use.

The Desire Code Blog

Is it ok to lie to customers if it helps them?

“Have you ever been a smoker? It’s the first question you get asked!” The other delegates nodded. “So now I just tell them, yes”. This little revelation occurred during a Desire Code workshop I was running with a Stop Smoking service in Lancashire a couple of years ago. ... (read more>>)

Sharing Stories

We are natural story tellers. People have been sharing great stories since before we knew how to write them down. Great stories help us learn from each other, and the more vivid they are, the better they can be used to share experiences.... (read more>>)

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